The power that made the body, heals the body

Dr Sandra Rose Michael

My autistic daughter spent 4 hours in a 4-unit system and is speaking much more than before. She is stringing together her own sentences instead of relying on repeating exact phrases.
A. Bell
UNIFYD Healing Center

With PTSD and (mTBI) in war veterans like me, my symptoms were high anxiety, panic attacks, irritation/anger, fear of crowds, memory lapses, inability to think or focus, and other impaired cognitive functions.

After 10 hours in the EES, memory lapses are now rare. I'm now able to do basic mathematical equations, remember things from one day to the next. Anxiety has reduced significantly, and I haven't experienced a panic attack since I started the sessions.

UNIFYD Healing Center

Several modalities failed to provide relief for my chronic hip and shoulder pain. The morning after my first session I experienced a 50% pain reduction. After (2) more sessions my pain was further reduced to about 80%.

I experienced a dream, realizing I'd never fully accepted the transition of Domestic Partner, Denna of several years. Unknowingly, I harbored these unresolved emotions. I attribute my new found sense of relief to these incredible healing energies.

UNIFYD Healing Center

I was diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy Stage 5 and in Jan-2023 my eGFR had dropped to 8. The overnight session must've activated a good percentage of the steam calls, only 2 months after transplant. I slept like a baby. every day after that session, I've been feeling so full of energy, so healthy. so clear!!

My cravings for comfort foods are gone. My blood pressure is stable, I have no inflammation. My nephrologist calculated it had increased to 15 in March.

UNIFYD Healing Center

I have had Fibromyalgia for nearly 20 years now. Fibromyalgia was all over my body, particularly in my spine and organs.

I bought a two-hour session for me and my daughter in law. It is a miracle to find that level of relief in just 2 hours. When I checked in with my body - I suddenly realized that nearly all of my pain was gone (roughly 75%}.

My old injuries in my shoulder and knee no longer hurt either and my liver was and is still happy. My daughter in law was amazed to find her 11-year-old knee injury completely healed.

My attitude was and still is over the top happy!

UNIFYD Healing Center

I was very skeptical about the EES. I have PMR, a rheumatic condition and it seemed to have improved my condition and it seemed (3) Two Hour Sessions.

In addition, I had vivid recollections of my father that passed away 50 years ago and other seemingly dormant thoughts resurfaced.

I look forward to more EES sessions.

UNIFYD Healing Center

My experience in the EESystem is truly a miracle. In Dec 2021, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer; following my doctors advice, I went through six chemo treatments and was declared cancer free on May 5, 2022.

Four months later, my ovarian cancer aggressively returned. I decided to go into the EESystem for two hours in December 2022 and two weeks later my bloodwork showed a 65% decrease in antigen levels!

After two sessions in the EESystem a total of 16 hours, I had my bloodwork antigen levels tested and the results were miraculous ... my antigen levels droppped again and I am now cancer free!

UNIFYD Healing Center

I have chronic lung damage and was hooked up to oxygen machine.

Doing the treatment, my lung capacity is way up.

Now it is much easier to breather, I feel healthy full of energy and much more in touch with my environment.

UNIFYD Healing Center

As victim of Lyme disease, my two primary issues are extreme anemia and chronic UTI's.

After my first 4-hour session, I truly felt full of energy. I went from barely able to walk from room to room and having to stop on the way up the stairs to catch my breath to boundless energy!

The brain fog I woke up with every day is now completely gone.

UNIFYD Healing Center

I am post DCIS breast cancer surgery, the large, hard tissue area surrounding the incision began to decrease with each session and inflammation was breaking apart. It has reduced from the size of a bar of soap to about a quarter size now!

My chronic sinus congestion and allergy cough I had for 2 months went away. I have an extreme increase in energy levels, and I feel recharged when I leave!

UNIFYD Healing Center

Times of a silent mind are significantly extended. As people around me are upset or stressed, it is much easier to be the witness without judgment. And when the upset is directed at me it is easier to express myself, feel the feelings and release them like a storm passing by.

My body is frequently vibrating like healing or upgrading in some way. This allows me to be centered, grounded and peaceful.

UNIFYD Healing Center

After two hours I was sending texts and reading small print on articles without my glasses, which I couldn't do before!! I was also hearing better without the NEW expensive hearing aids.

When I got home, three hours later, I had lost 3 to 4 lbs! ALL the swelling in my feet, ankles and legs was completely gone ...and still gone!

A few days later I realized I had more energy and strength than I had in months!

UNIFYD Healing Center

Arthritis & overall aches & pains are reduced in intensity after a 2 hour session. The immediate results amazed me. It is a relaxing way to feel better & each visit adds to my healing process.

Elizabeth & Josh have been very patient with me explaining how the Energy Enhancement System works for body renewal.

UNIFYD Healing Center

In the interim, I got the virus and had a heart attack. My ejection fraction and shortness of breath, although improved with rehab, was still not at optimal healthy levels.

I started at the EE-System shortly after they opened. My shortness of breath has diminished, my resting heart rate has gone down 10 points into a normal range, and even a wart on my foot has shrunk. The energy that the EE-System emits is so relaxing.

UNIFYD Healing Center

I've had whiplash in my neck and pain in my piriformis, sciatic area for months. As I was driving I realized my neck no longer hurt and neither did my lower spine and piriformis area.

A second visit I felt my memory and mind become more clear.

I took my dog who has been weakened and lethargic. Two days after he was much more energetic and moving.

UNIFYD Healing Center

I experienced a quieting of the usual mental chatter and quickly eased into a peaceful, expanded state of consciousness. All tension drained away.

I experienced the energy moving to areas of my body that needed support, and quickly releasing any discomfort there. Afterwards, I felt in a profoundly expanded loving state, with all physical aches and pains washed away.

UNIFYD Healing Center

Within one week I was slowly hiking at 7500 feet in the New Mexico Mountains with my family, whilst two weeks prior I could not walk a city block without catching my breath and resting.

Three months later I am walking over 2 miles and my skin has cleared up considerably, my hair is thicker, and many more changes are occurring as I write this testimonial. I am still going strong.

UNIFYD Healing Center

I had been having a rash with inflammation on one side of my head for several months and couldn't get rid of it until I started my first 2 sessions, then it completely went away!

I also felt so calm after each session, and I am able to better focus during the day and for longer periods of time without a single feeling of stress.

I also lost 5lb the next morning after my first 2 - hr session and then I lost 5.2lb after my 4 - hr session, also my blood pressure went down noticeably, so I am super happy about the results. This is really amazing.

Stephen R.
UNIFYD Healing Center

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