Cellular workshop with young living essential oils

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an enlightening workshop where we delve into 'cellular health' and the power of essential oils

At this immersive event, you'll discover the profound impact that essential oils can have on your body's cellular function, helping you unlock vitality and well-being from within. All while in our 24 Systems Energy Enhancement Room, you'll walk away feeling recharged.

This 2 hour evening session will start with an hour of relaxation in the Energy Enhancement Room, followed by a Cellular Workshop presented by Kylie Bryant whilst you continue to enjoy the benefits of our 24 EES units.

Guided by Kylie Bryant, the cellular workshop will explore:
  • Understanding Cellular Health
  • The science behind essential oils and how they are effective in improving cellular health
  • Practical techniques and methods for incorporating essential oils into your daily routine to enhance cellular health and vitality.
Don't miss this opportunity for a greater understanding of cellular vitality and an energy boost on a cellular level!
When: Tuesday 13 February at 6pm
Cost: $99