At Harmony WA we offer a harmonious setting for your body to heal. You’ll experience our Energy Enhancement Sessions in our main room, and you will see 24 recliners to complement our 24 systems which are aligned perfectly, so their radiating waves meet in the centre of the room and collide with each other in negative interference. This procedure significantly reduces the electromagnetic part of the wave, allowing the Scalar technology component to dominate in the field.  

Our serene setting instantly puts you in a relaxing state. Combined with our Scalar Waves & photon fountains, creating healthy and energetic frequencies.  

    When you place yourself & your loved ones in our Sanctuary, it showers your body’s trillion of cells with bio-photonic light that is omitted by the screens, energising your body on a cellular level and assists the body with energy it needs to repair itself. Scalar-waves, virgin rainforest, ocean & earth grounding & Schumann resonance frequencies, and more, helps neutralises all the negative effects and open channels necessary for your body to heal. 

    Our 100% safe technology is shown in our research tab and has been utilized by NASA, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, & University of Hawaii MDs & PhDs. 

    You can never be too young, too old or too healthy to improve right? 

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